What track are you looking for?

It all depends on where you’re heading. Life is at parts like a train ride, you travel together with other people on the same train, same compartment and even sitting next to one another. Some people travel beside you for a long ride, some for a shorter ride. And sometimes it’s time for you to get off the train to […]

Leader as a person and position

Leaders as a person and position and having the skills to use situational leadership for success in leadership. Leaders as a person and position – By Cathrin Frisemo    

5 Tips That Lead To Success

A month ago my first blog post “5 tips that lead to success”, was published at Stilettos On The Glass Ceiling (SOTGC). It sprung out of the inspired mood while in the midst of my work with my new book “I’m a Cebra – who are you? How to succeed in the digitized work life” The 5 tips lead to success […]