Grab your copy of “I’m a Cebra… How to Succeed in the Digitized Working Life

Grab your copy of the book! International Sweden Summary Leading myself in the new and digitized working life – help! How do I go about it? Feel a bit lost in the new society and working life, where the life off- and online is integrated? Want to be a digital literate to avoid exclusion? Want to know how to succeed in the new working life and at the same time feel healthy wealthy joyful? Cathrin Frisemo, with a degree in Medical Science, has more than 20 years experience working with leadership and work organization and its impact on health and joyfulness. She is also the author of “WIFL- Work […]

“I’m a Cebra on the digitized savanna – How to succeed in the digitized working life”

“I’m a Cebra on the digitized savanna – Are you? How to succeed in the digitized working life”, is the title of my latest book and is available at Amazon and other online bookstores, April 16. In the first part, you can read about new values, conditions, and opportunities in the new world of work, or as I call it at times, the digitized savanna. In the second part, you’re exploring a savanna of texts and exercises to be seen as tools to being a Cebra. Why? So you succeed, whatever that means to you, in your working life. At a conference some weeks ago a person approached me and […]

Leader as a person and position

Leaders as a person and position and having the skills to use situational leadership for success in leadership. Leaders as a person and position – By Cathrin Frisemo    

5 Tips That Lead To Success

A month ago my first blog post “5 tips that lead to success”, was published at Stilettos On The Glass Ceiling (SOTGC). It sprung out of the inspired mood while in the midst of my work with my new book “I’m a Cebra – who are you? How to succeed in the digitized work life” The 5 tips lead to success in work life, or actually in life overall. In this transition and transformation from industrial era into a digitized era you need to change your mindset but remember to keep your stripes. It’s a time of fast changes that create confusion and it’s easily done to get lost and forget who you […]

Creativity – a state of being

Definitions of creativity are by numbers at least as many as for health. In order to make it clear to myself what I meant when working with creativity, I had to create a practical definition for creativity as well as I did for health and leadership. “ A condition in which experience of time and space stops to exist and you’re totally present. Body, emotions, thoughts and soul are fully co-operating and you are. You act and create from within yourself, who you are, and you’re your own authority. What you do is easy, flowing with effort but without fighting. You “just know” and “just do” and experience that […]