Leader as a person and position

Leaders as a person and position and having the skills to use situational leadership for success in leadership. Leaders as a person and position – By Cathrin Frisemo    

5 Tips That Lead To Success

A month ago my first blog post “5 tips that lead to success”, was published at Stilettos On The Glass Ceiling (SOTGC). It sprung out of the inspired mood while in the midst of my work with my new book “I’m a Cebra – who are you? How to succeed in the digitized work life” The 5 tips lead to success in work life, or actually in life overall. In this transition and transformation from industrial era into a digitized era you need to change your mindset but remember to keep your stripes. It’s a time of fast changes that create confusion and it’s easily done to get lost and forget who you […]

Leadership and empowerment

Leadership, creativity and health is intertwined and are independent interdependent. The core essence of and base is empowerment that in this context is used with the meaning of “The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights”. Empowerment can also mean “Authority or power given to someone to do something”. Empowered leaders empower people around them they create more leaders and not followers. And that is what defines authentic leadership that’s transparent and honest. To achieve this great communication skills are needed with the crucial talents to listen, listen and listen. And to understand what’s said and to ask the right questions based on […]