What I Do

Mentoring, connecting and investing as is needed for growing you as a person, professionally and your business, is my core. I support you in realizing and reaching what you're aiming for by integrating this with my extensive network, connecting people and businesses. So, how may I help you?


Finding out your need right now for growing in your personal and business life, is done by knowing the right questions to ask. What you're saying and what you are not telling me is what I listen for. You're acknowledging the answer how to proceed from where you are since you're the only person holding the right answer for you moving on.

The questions asked are based on my long and various life experience, and as I'm still exploring life opportunities as being part of Generation C(connected). Simple, non-complex tasks are given as tools for you to move on and provides you with other perspectives on what you are in, both in life and at work.

Let us talk and increase your feeling of ease and at peace with your decisions and make your life yours. I work on- and offline, so whatever you prefer for a session is fine with me.


You are faster reaching what you are aiming for, both in your personal life as well as professionally, when connecting to the right people. Through my extensive personal and business network, I will make sure it's a perfect match. My major network is in the business areas of health tech, creative industries, and tech, with a main focus in the startup and scaleup eco-systems. If you want to expand either in your personal development or your business, in Sweden, Europe or the US let me know and connect to connect.


As mainly being a sweat equity investor, I'm primarily investing in soft skills and skills development for expanding and growing businesses. My primary areas of knowledge are communication, sales, leadership and work organization.

Growing a business, you need skills, knowledge, and experience in communication & sales, leadership & how to organize work and in finance. Past years experience shows me that the lack of these skills, and not lack of money, are often what hinders expansion and growth. I may also refer you to colleagues in my highly skilled network of professionals if needed.  Connect and invest in you.

Running your business successfully in the working life ahead, there is an increased need to know how to lead yourself. I may help you with that as well as a mentor.

And why I do it

It's simple - because it's interesting, energizes me and I do it by nature. Our natural state of being is being at ease and in peace, and are what we're unconsciously trying to levitate back to when feeling out of balance. So, when we meet, you're inpowered to increase the focus and use of your innate talents to feeling joyful and at ease. 

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Enjoy your day!