Business 4.0

In short this is what is happening in the ongoing transition from an industrialized working life to the digitized working life (As summarized in my book “I’m a Cebra on the Digitized Savanna – Are You? How to Succeed in the Digitized Working Life”, 2016)


The new mindset in today’s working life in short
The emerging empowered mindset that is transforming the industrialized era into the digitized era causes a turbulent society and world of work. The change of mindset causes confusion, uncertainty, and fear of what will be, and there is a growing fundamentalism that continuously needs to be addressed and discussed. An open-mindedness and awareness of the changes and its consequences are needed, so the transition is handled wisely, with sustainability as a key element.

We are still only at the beginning of the mindset online (IFL) moving offline (IRL) and changing societies and working life, establishing a new mindset. A mindset that springs out of the generation of empowered digital natives that is used to lead themselves and to networking, participating in communities and collaborating. And that is how online communities‘ work people join to leverage different skills and networks to accomplish the desired outcome.

Digitized citizens in Generation C(onnected) with a new mindset will change how work is organized and demands a change of leaders and leadership. The leadership of today for tomorrow is an empowered and empowering leadership, which is to lead yourself and others from within. It is a leadership that creates more leaders. Leadership is no longer about control; instead, it is about guidance, coaching skills and bringing out people’s potential, their superpowers. Skills that in collaboration with others‘ skills complement each other for the best of results. An authentic and transparent leadership that is based on trust and leads to a common effort for best results of the organization.

The new world of work is more environmentally friendly by for example less need for travel, which also decreases levels of stress and increases health since less time is spent commuting to work. It also saves money to work close to home, so overall, including the environmental and health issues, the new world of work is as well more economical.

Using the Internet to connect superpowers from different parts of the world to collaborate makes it possible to find the best solutions to challenges needed to be addressed. In the long run, it will make the world a better place to live in. That is all summed, while highlighting the benefits of the digitized working life, in another excellent RSA-movie.