What track are you looking for?

It all depends on where you’re heading.

Life is at parts like a train ride, you travel together with other people on the same train, same compartment and even sitting next to one another. Some people travel beside you for a long ride, some for a shorter ride. And sometimes it’s time for you to get off the train to change for another destination. Or you are just staying at the station or the place, for a while, acquainting yourself with the surroundings and figuring out where to travel next.

From time to time you feel the need to ask someone for advice on how to buy a ticket, and that’s usually quickly resolved. And at some point you might feel the need to talk to a travel agent, someone that will listen to what you’re looking for. A person that will help you sort that out, ask you the right questions for you to realize what your new preferences are. From there on you can decide where to go, when and how you want to travel. You might even want to change ways of transportation for a while.

Similar to a travel agent, I’m mentoring you in the same way by asking the right questions for you to find out where to head next. And what you need to do to succeed. My broad network is available for you, and I’ll be suggesting and introducing you to people and organizations that can help you move forward. Meeting you online or offline – it works fine either way for me.

Let’s start with a call or chat and take it from there, because as travel companions, we need to match. Looking forward to being part of your trip through life.

Enjoy your day!

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In short, I just do stuff following my inner GPS. Meeting and talking to people has always interested and fascinated me. Living at different places in multi-cultural environments has given me a global international mindset.
Working as a mentor, connector and investing in people and business within creative industries and health tech. I'm creating a life that suites me by working online and offline and meeting interesting people globally.
My books are "WIFL - your guide to the digital working life" 2013, and "I'm a Cebra - who are you? How to succeed in the digitized working life." 2016