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I‘m a Cebra – who are you?

I’m a Cebra with the talents and superpowers of writing, leadership and networking. What I mean by “I’m a Cebra” is to identify one’s talents and to use them to lead oneself and others to make a good life for oneself and to create the world into a better place to be. A world that is in the midst of the transition from an industrial era transforming into a digitized era, and where one increasingly has the need to use and rely on one’s inner GPS to lead oneself and others. To develop a leadership that rocks, including keeping healthy, being creative and to enjoy!
I’m also an entrepreneur and project leader that enjoys debating, lecturing and to have workshops. Travel and to meet and connect to people energize me. And I love tech and IT because it simplifies and makes my life more enjoyable!

I feel like an explorer that wants to know what’s around the next corner, next mountain and on the other side of the ocean when I’m standing at the beach. And also to interchangeably travel up and out in Cyberspace.  Since I follow my inner GPS I have no clue of where life is taking me now but with confidence and thrilled curiosity I truly look forward to it! As I look forward to meeting you on- or offline. 

Skype cathrin.frisemo
+46(0)704 446 996

Or please meet with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Bits and pieces of my life so far, of what I have done and not who I am, follows below
Growing up in an IBM-family, computers, and technical development has always been a part everyday life. And later with own experience from the computer business at Digital Equipment Inc. A college education with a major in Health in San Diego, California, was followed by a period in the airline- and travel business. My graduation work in Preventive Medicine/Health promotion at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden, was on “Health promotion as part of private health insurance – a study at 60 middle-sized businesses” and lead to employment at the National Institute for work and health (NIWL). At NIWL, I worked with identifying health promoting workplaces in Sweden for the EU-founded network “Europen Network for Work Place Health promotion (ENWHP).

In the year of 2000 I landed a job in my business to outline a project within the public health system in the southern region of Skåne, Sweden to outline a project with a focus on leadership and how to organize work in order to sustain and increase health at workplaces, as it is a pre-requisite for a sustainable successful business. As the project leader, I outlined and initiated the project the “Skåne network for workplace health promotion”. In 4 years it grew to be a network of networks; 27 networks in 24 municipalities with around 250 workplaces involved. They were both private and public organizations, as well as being of various sizes and branches. In Europe, it became know as “The Skane model”. At the same time I still continued as the Swedish representative in the ENWHP- network and in cooperation with the National Institute for Working Life, I managed projects for the ENWHP.

After a longer period of illness, life and work life online became my path through and forward back to work. Part of my rehabilitation was writing and finally, I made use of my “superpower”, to write. It has so far, besides e.g. articles, turned out to 5 books: “Everyday is a good day”, “Copenhagen Free”, “Walk healthy” and “Successfobia – how to win over your fear of succeeding” that I wrote together with Nina Jansdotter. “WIFL- Your guide to the digital work life” was published in 2013, revised in 2015 and my latest book is “I’m a Cebra on the digitized savanna – Are you? How to succeed in the digitized working life” and was published April 15, 2016.