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I'm an explorer wanting to know what’s around the next corner, next mountain and on the other side of the ocean when I’m standing at the beach. Following my inner GPS I move wherever life is taking me filled with confidence and thrilled curiosity. Travelling is made moving interactively and interchangeably off- and online and I look forward meeting you in times ahead.

I'm a Cebra - who are you?

“I’m a Cebra” is to identify one's talents and to use them to lead oneself and others to make a good life for oneself and to create the world into a better place to be. A world that is in the midst of the transition from an industrial era transforming into a digitized era, and where one increasingly has the need to use and rely on one's inner GPS to lead oneself and others. To develop a leadership that rocks, including keeping healthy, being creative and to enjoy!
Communicating and connecting people is a natural state of being, especially over a Swedish fika, and energizes me. Besides being an entrepreneur and project leader, I enjoy writing and traveling. Life and work 4.0 with hightech and IT simplifies and makes my life more enjoyable, and I love it!

Skype cathrin.frisemo
+46(0)704 446 996

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